Castor oil
Model:Scouring first level
Specification:190KG / buckets
Country of Origin:India
Product Description:
Castor oil is a triglyceride of a fatty acid, present in the seeds of castor beans in an amount of 35% -57%. Castor oil is obtained by extraction or solvent extraction. Castor oil fatty acid contains 90% ricinoleic acid (hydroxyoctadecanoic acid) j hydroxyl value 163 mgKOH / g, hydroxyl content 4.94%, hydroxyl calculated molecular weight 929.26. Castor oil contains 70% trifunctional and 30% bifunctional. Hydroxyl average functionality is 2.7. Castor oil as raw material of polyurethane adhesives has good low temperature properties, hydrolysis resistance and excellent electrical insulation.

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