Want all regions of the country agents, distributors
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Summary:December 15, 2017,We want imported civil construction materials agents.

Want all regions of the country agents, distributors
Posted: 2017-12-15

Shanghai Rongchen Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the imported civil engineering products: Japan BIRCS concrete fortifier & water repellent agent, Japan ALPHATEC concrete crack repair agent, Japan FUSO, TOKIWA wallpaper. We wanted nationwide regional agents and distributors:

Acting products:
I. Japan BIRCS concrete fortifier & water repellent agent
Market Advantage:
1, BIRCS Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company specializing in the development and manufacture of concrete repair materials.
2, BIRCS fortifier & water repellent agent have superior penetration, improving concrete strength, contribute to long durability, and through the Japanese Ministry of Land and Transportation NETIS new technology system for the record.
3, The products were used on Japan Shinkansen tunnels, bridges and other civil structures.

II. Japan ALPHATEC concrete crack repair agent
Market Advantage:
1, ALPHATEC Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company specializing in research and development and manufacture of epoxy adhesive .
2. ALPHATECs epoxy resin adhesive for concrete crack repair has outstanding performance, leading technology, and obtained the patent. It passed the filing of NETIS New Technology System of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Tokyo Metropolitan New Technology.
3, ALPHATEC epoxy adhesive has reliable performance, in Japan Shinkansen, Germany and Taiwan are using high-speed rail along.

III. Japan FUSO &TOKIWA Wallpapers
Market Advantage:
1, Japan FUSO&TOKIWA Co., Ltd. are the companies specializing in the production of wallpaper. Rich wallpaper modeling, environmental protection function is complete, is the best choice for modern home use.

Specific requirements:
1, Customers in the industry, such as: waterproof material wholesalers, building decoration company, electronic wholesalers, etc.
2, To fulfill our national uniform price.
3, With sales channels or cooperation between the construction unit resources priority.

Acting privileges given by the company:
1, An agent to enjoy the companys sales channel support resources
2, The company gave up the profits of construction products
3, The company graded agent rating agent price, to ensure that all levels of agents (distributors) interests
4, The company from time to time supporting the organization of product support training to ensure that agents at all levels of engineering and technical professionals skilled installation and after-sale maintenance.
5, Sales rebates, enjoy the full annual rebate and other preferential policies
6, For agents to provide product agent power of attorney, granted the authority and protection of the region (the same region shall not exceed two agents)

Official website:

Become our agent related processes:
1. To understand our products, and fill in the authorized agent cooperation unit information form.
2. Authorized Agent Cooperation Unit Information Form plus a copy of the company-related documents by fax to our investment department.
3. Telated to the company audit
4. Approved, our company will issue agency agreement documents and related information to be confirmed by the agent
5. Confirmed and stamped, courier back to the agency agreement and related seal documents
6. Division I received the agency agreement, seal and return the authorized agent
7. The agency agreement entered into force, according to the agreement to implement the relevant agency procedures

Please have the intention of the dealer or dealer call (or send) China Merchants Division Tao
Request authorized agent cooperation unit information form.
Tel: 86-021-34790048
Mobile: 13816989250


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